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10 Companies for Instant Payday Loans India


Instant Payday Loans India – Get best offer for Payday Loans from IR-10,000 to IR – 100,000 and More.. Easy Payday Loans, only choose the best options given below and fill a form and get Instant Payday Loans according to your needs. Here are multiple options for getting payday loans in India, Easy method, opportunity and reliable for anyone. Use this service according to your needs.

01 Rupee Lend 
Rupee Lend
Instant Payday Loans India Rupeelend is part of the casinity group, a digital financing company that provides short-term Payday loans to consumers and businesses. They are based in Gurgaon and are operational in DELHI-NCR, Mumbai, Jaipur, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Surat, Pune, Chandigarh and Bhubaneswar. They launched their first website in 2015. Rupeelend is a safe and reliable way to borrow money for all emergencies. They have devised this bold new means of granting loans, which is not only new but also the simplest, quickest and safest way to borrow money. 
In this new method, they have gone beyond excessive paperwork, meetings and phone calls, followed by a long and uncertain waiting period to approve your Instant Payday Loans India. The wait may be worth it if you have long-term financial goals. But what if your need is immediate? You may need an emergency repair for your car so that you can get to work and continue to earn income. Or you may be stressed about that incomplete task, as a result of which you cannot collect your invoice and receive no payment. Or it may be just to pay the daily expenses until the payday. 
Unexpected expenses are part of life. They can happen when you least expect them and upset your whole healthy life. When you have to pay some basic expenses and they cannot wait, it is often very difficult to arrange money quickly. Bank loans are hard to come by. Moreover, in the case of a term Instant Payday Loans India you will end up with unnecessary rewards for months or years when you actually need a much smaller amount and for a much shorter duration.
Loan Amount: IR 10,000 to IR 100,000
APR: 365%
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02  Loan Baba
Loan Baba
Instant Payday Loans IndiaThe best payday loans in India can be found on A small loan in cash or payday can be used for all financial costs. When applying for the best flash credits, it is important to confirm the rates and confirm this with the rates that apply to the in-store loans. If you are unable to repay your existing loan and you think it is a nuisance, an extension of the same can be used on their website. The company offers you flexible loans to bypass previous loans and evade debts. The website also offers a small cash loan for any emergency costs. While rolling up payday loans can be very expensive, it is always recommended to look for an extension of the original Payday loans. The best payday loan in India gets you credits for a period of 30 – 90 days. In the case of a small cash loan in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai or Thane, has flexible terms and conditions.
Loan Amount: IR 10,000 to IR 50,000
APR: 0.1% per day
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03 Loan4Smile
Instant Payday Loans IndiaLoan4Smile is a reliable and safe way to get money for unforeseen needs. They understand that nobody can predict an emergency and offer you leverage to apply for your loan at home or in the office, day or night, on weekends and public holidays. They credit the Payday loans amount to your account within 15 minutes to an hour without waiting. 
They lend you a maximum of 5 lakh rupees. This is to ensure that you can easily repay it within 30 days. By only following a three-minute application process, you will immediately receive a decision from them. While they allow you to enter your data online, they ensure that your data is protected against any form of cyber intrusion.
They all experience a situation in a certain phase of their life in which they have to contend with cash crunch for some reason. All they need at such moments is a helping hand to borrow some money and save them from the awkward state of affairs. Understanding these situations in your life Loan4Smile has been there to be the friend you need. Loan4Smile is part of a large group of companies. They have specially designed Payday loans products especially for short-term goals. They help both individuals and companies achieve their goals.
Loan Amount: IR 5,000 to IR 100,000
APR: 1.0% to 2.0% per day
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04 Loan Walle
Loan Walle
Payday Loans India – Loanwalle is a 30-minute fintech fast lending company with headquarters in Delhi and branches in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kolkata. Their most important USP is to provide their customers with a Payday loans immediately, so that the emergency situation in which they find themselves is resolved without further obstacles. They have gone beyond the annoying waiting times and accelerated the approval process in such a way that we get your loan approved in just 15 minutes. 
Hard to believe? Try them out. However, there is a rider in it … you must immediately give them all the necessary documents to help them maintain this speed. All we need are: 1. Your KYC (Aadhar, Pan card, Voter ID etc.) Details 2. Your pay statement for 3 months 3. 3 months bank statement Based on this, they approve your loan in 15 minutes. Place this, there will be a physical verification in your home where you some physical documents such as application forms, agreements etc. Must sign and give an empty PDC Your borrowed amount will be paid in the presence of their representative. As you may know, their Instant Payday Loans India come for a maximum period of 30 days.
Loan Amount: IR 5,000 to IR 100,000
APR: 0.9% to 1.5% per day
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05 ATD Money
ATD Money
Instant Payday Loans IndiaATD MONEY is India’s No. 1 payday loan, Instant Personal Loan and an app for small private loans. They are not NBFC and we do not lend directly to customers, but they are a technology platform, facilitating loans from their NBFC partners according to the terms and conditions agreed between NBFC and the customer only. Use a fast Payday loans ranging from Rs.5,000 to Rs. 50,000 through this app and they will transfer cash to your bank account in just 5 minutes through our NBFC partner on the NBFC terms and conditions.

First-time applicant’s approval takes 30 minutes, but existing customers receive a loan in 10 minutes. They identify their client by unique I “CRN ID” for life. All employees with a salary of Rs.25,000 can immediately borrow a personal loan by downloading the ATD Money App now!

Loan Amount: IR 5,000 to IR 50,000
APR: 5% per day
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06 Credit Bazzar
Credit Bazzar
Payday Loans India – Credit Bazzar is a digital financing company. Short-term loans are provided by this company to different types of customers and independent services. Their goal is to make financial decisions simple, easy and transparent for their customers. The company is based in Delhi and other locations such as Bangalore and NCR. The first webpage emerged in 2016. Their company is one of the most reliable and has the protected ways to take short-term Instant Payday Loans India for any crisis. Along with being, it’s the quickest and safest way to borrow money. Credit Bazaar is a one-stop solution for this. Or maybe you are worried about an unfinished work or nuisance and stress. 
This might distract you from your goal. Credit Bazzar is one of the most reliable and safest ways to get fast loans for any kind of shortened emergency. We offer 3-minute approval for the fast loans. It is the fastest and easiest way to get a loan. We offer financial loans in terms of repaying within 30 days. During the waiting period one can determine the process how he will pay back. Credit Bazzar can deposit the required money into your account lightning fast after approval. The immediate Payday loans is provided by us. They have ensured that there is a short period to repay.
Loan Amount: IR 10,000 to IR 100,000
APR: 365%
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07 Exceed Cash
Exceed Cash
Payday Loans India – ExceedCash is part of ExceedCash Group, a digital financing company that provides short-term credit to consumers and companies in India. They are based in Delhi and launched their first website in 2015. ExceedCash is a safe and reliable way to borrow money for short-term emergencies. You do not have to make long, complex applications and wait indefinitely for approvals before you can transfer the money.

They give you the required money within 15 minutes of approval of your application. Currently operating in Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai we believe in providing hassle free online short term Payday loans that can be made online. Their same-day lending facility and rapid approval based on AI-driven decision-making systems for the first time in India can be easily facilitated.

Loan Amount: IR 10,000 to IR 100,000
APR: 30%
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08 Flex Salary
Flex Salary
Payday Loans India – FlexSalary is a brand loan product from Vivifi India Finance Private Limited, a non-bank finance company (NBFC), registered with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) *. Vivifi India Finance Pvt Ltd was registered on July 9, 2016 to address the lack of lending products for the large and growing, but unreserved, consumers of India. Vivifi was founded with the main objective of doing business as a non-bank financial enterprise (NBFC) in the unsecured retail consumer segment and has obtained the certificate of registration as an NBFC non-deposit taking Loan Company on March 31, 2017.

Founded by technocrats and career bankers with a combined experience of more than 75 years in secured and unsecured retail loans, Vivifi deals with customers throughout the credit spectrum. The dream is to offer a variety of convenient, easily accessible financial and Payday loans services in a safe, efficient and professional environment for all customers without prejudices or prejudices based solely on the ability of the customer to repay.

Loan Amount: Upto IR 200,000
APR: 5%
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09 Stash Fin
Stash Fin
Payday Loans India – StashFin is a digital loan company founded by a team of former financial service providers that have focused on disrupting traditional lending in India. The team has worked with reputable banking and financial services companies such as Bank of America, Merill Lynch, Citi, Deloitte, cabbage, etc. in India and the US.
With exposure to multiple functions, including technology, customer experience, and process reconstruction, the team uses its collective experience to deliver the best in class services and convenience to its customers. Immediate Payday loans to give you the perfect financial support in the most convenient and hassle-free way. Apply online on their website for fast flash credits. We ensure that your application is approved and that the money is transferred in almost no time.
Loan Amount: IR 500 to IR 500,000
APR: 11.99%
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10 Payme India 
Payme India
Payday Loans India – Payme India offers online flex loans in India, making it easy for you to get short-term cash loans. Their salary-based Payday loans are innovative with rapid approval and transfers. They ensure that the application process is fast, secure and completely secure. Payment India prefers to offer prominent financial solutions throughout the segment by offering breakthrough products. They visualize growth in leaps and bounds while being present in every aspect of your life with their best in class services.
Loan Amount: IR 500 to IR 100,000
APR: 0.5% Per Day
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