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List of Payday Loans UK Companies


Payday Loans UK – Get Payday Loans from 50£ to 1000£ and More.. Easy Payday Loans, Just choose the options given below and fill out a little form and get Instant Payday Loans according to your needs. Here are multiple options for getting payday loans, Easy method more opportunity and reliable for anyone. Use this service according to your needs.

01 Piggy Bank
Piggy Bank
The challenge was to create a short-term lender who was revolutionary, honest and responsible. We believed that short-term loans could be done much better. So PiggyBank was born. PiggyBank aims to incorporate learning from market leaders and add some creative flair to produce the world’s best financial product for borrowers. Instant Payday Loans Online The applications of PiggyBank are all online.

This means that you can apply for a short-term Payday Loans UK for your unforeseen circumstances at a time that suits you. PiggyBank gives you control over your loan. You can choose the amount that you want to borrow and the dates that you want to repay. There are no hidden costs. You can also log in to your online account and view all desired information.

Loan Amount: £400 – £1000
APR: 1255% – 1698%
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02Uncle Buck
Uncle Buck
Their payday loan is 100% online and customers can easily submit a request with the Apply Now button above. The application form is designed to be easily completed on desktops, mobile devices or tablets and only takes a few minutes when you request a payday loans online from Uncle Buck. You will receive some basic questions about your living status, work, income, expenses and bank account information, so that we know where the money should be sent.

Their website is hosted on a secure server, so that your personal information is kept safe when you apply for online Payday Loans UK. After you have entered the data, they will perform some checks and immediately give you a decision to let you know whether your Payday loan has been provisionally financed or not. Their payday loan checks can be fast, but they are also very thorough, ensuring that each loan meets their responsible borrowing criteria and affordability.

Loan Amount: £100 – £1000
APR: 1250.2%
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03Safety Net
Safety Net
Safety Net Credit offers a revolving credit line with credit limits of up to £ 500 (£ 1,000 for existing users). If approved, your available credit limit is there to use when you need it, it is not necessary to re-apply. Transfer Payday Loans UK money to your bank account within 15 minutes via our website or mobile app. SafetyNet Credit offers a permanent revolving credit line with no minimum or maximum repayment conditions.

Representative 68.7% APR. You can perform a manual refund at any time or rely on our automated system that will only be refunded if you have sufficient funds in your bank account. They never take you further than your exceedance limit when you make a refund, and each principal paid will immediately be returned to your available credit limit.

Loan Amount: £500 – £1000
APR: 68.7%
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04Wizz Cash
Wizz Cash started trading in 2012 due to a commitment to responsible lending and low APR. They especially like to keep things straight. If your application is successful, you will receive your money in one go and pay back your loans in equal monthly installments in 3 months. At they will not constantly expand a growing credit line. Neither will they hit you with early repayment costs or other hidden costs. They undertake a number of credit checks to ensure the suitability of their candidates and they will only approve a Payday Loans UK if they are sure that you can meet the repayments quickly.
Loan Amount: £300 – £1000
APR: 1265%
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05Fair Finance
They offer a range of financial products and services designed to meet the needs of people who are excluded financially. They are committed to providing quality products and services that are affordable and accessible. Fast Payday Loans Online Where possible, we work together with other companies and agencies that share our goals. Payday Loans UK Most of their clients are ignored by the regular financial services industry and operated by the subprime financial services industry. When they have helped put the usury and the predatory lenders out of the boat, they will know that we have been successful. 
Their missionThey are a social company that is revolutionizing financial services to give everyone a fair chance.
Loan Amount: £100 – £500
APR: –
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06Money Boat
Money Boat is part of Evergreen Finance London Limited, MoneyBoat UK is a transparent and flexible short-term and Payday Loans UK direct lender. They offer loans of up to £ 200 – £ 1500 for a maximum of six months. When you take out a loan with Moneyboat, all your repayments are clearly defined and easy to understand. As a direct lender authorized and regulated by the FCA, our commitment to their customers is to lend responsibly and efficiently, while at the same time offering full and confidential support. Their customers choose us for their fast, short-term loan solutions on flexible and personalized time schedules.
Loan Amount: £200 – £1500
APR: – 939.5%
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At Ferratum it’s all about people and being at the forefront of the mobile revolution in the banking system. We offer customers a fast, easy-to-use highway for mobile lending and banking. Ferratum, founded in 2005 and headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, has expanded rapidly and is active in 25 countries in Europe, Africa, South and North America and the Asia-Pacific region.

Payday LoansAs a pioneer in the field of digital and mobile financial services, Ferratum is at the forefront of the digital banking revolution. Their mission is to provide the best consumer interface for lending and banking processes and 24/7 personal customer service that is accessible online through our website, mobile apps and those of our partners.

Loan Amount: £300 – £700
APR: 1270%
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08 THL Direct
THL Direct
They are your partners in resolving financial emergencies in a responsible, fast and compassionate manner. Unlike banks and others that charge high costs, bring a number of intermediaries together and take out automated loans, THL does it differently. They get to know you. We try to understand your unique circumstances. And they make decisions about Payday Loans UK lending based on the relationship they have established with you and your family. To do this, they will personally talk to you personally to help you analyze your financing needs and create a realistic repayment plan that will help you improve your financial position.
Loan Amount: £125 – £500
APR: 1306.21%
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09Cash Float
They know that when you need money, you want it fast. They have streamlined their application and decision process and offer same-day financing at no extra cost, provided that you sign up during working hours. Easy Payday Loans Online Their customer login is designed to help you take control of your loan and encourage you to save money through early repayments.

If you cannot meet a refund, talk to them! Their friendly and understanding customer support team will be happy to rearrange your repayment plan. They are always just a phone call away. They set the bar high for themselves and refuse to offer a service that is anything but perfect. That is what makes Cashfloat’s premium payday loans different.

Loan Amount: £200 – £1100
APR: 997%
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10Wageme is a London finance company that operates exclusively online. The company has full permission from the FCA and is a member of the Finance and Leasing Association. They offer short-term loans for a maximum of one month, aimed at private individuals and companies that have to contend with short-term liquidity problems. They are very selective and only Payday Loans UKlend to people who they think can pay back quickly.

Their policy is to encourage customers to pay back quickly instead of constantly expanding a growing credit line. For this reason, they normally refuse two of the three applicants from the first period. However, their processes are transparent and objective. Their automated risk technology makes objective borrowing decisions in real time after an extensive evaluation of the available data.

Loan Amount: £50 – £100
APR: 1212.3%
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11Cash Panda
Cash Panda
CashPanda’s mission is to really help and protect consumers when they need a short-term loan online in the UK. is fully regulated by the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We have high approval rates and their Panda helps you to get your short-term loan online, simple, secure and completely free without any obligation.

Their new and innovative state-of-the-art technology enables them, the customer in front, to let the best lenders compete to lend you the money you need. CashPanda offers fully transparent service to find you the best Payday Loans * responsible and trusted lender with the cheapest interest (APR) possible and conditions depending on your own special circumstances.

Loan Amount: £100 – £3500
APR: 11.8% – 1575%
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12Sunny Loans
Sunny Loans
They offer flash credits in amounts from £ 100 to £ 2,500 for every need. Whether you need to fix something or pay an unexpected bill, there is a payday loans to help. This type of loan exists when your money is spread and if you choose Sunny, you will benefit from a short reversal and no extra costs than interest. Read on to find out more about flash credits, when there is a suitable one for you and what it means.
Loan Amount: £100 – £2500
APR: 1293%
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13Swift Money
Swift Money
Swift Money can offer very high acceptance rates and at the same time offer the best possible rates for the customer. After approval by one of their lenders you can have the loan amount deposited in your bank account within 10 minutes. Payday Loans UK Their efficiency is largely due to their application for a one-page loan, which does not require extensive information or paperwork. This greatly reduces processing time. Because the process is also fully completed online, you can get an idea of why they can arrange your loan so efficiently.
Loan Amount: £50 – £1000
APR: 1255.66%
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14On Stride
They are part of the listed company Enova International, Inc. (NYSE: ENVA), which has provided financial services to more than five million customers around the world in the last 10 years. Enova also includes these brands: Under the leadership of a team with years of experience and leadership in UK financial services Payday Loans UK, they believe that everyone should have access to simple and reliable creditworthiness. Their mission is to help hard-working people improve their lives and fulfill their financial responsibilities by offering open and fair loan conditions.
Loan Amount: £150 – £5000
APR: 651.4%
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At buffa we offer very flexible Payday Loans UK to support you in the short term. You can choose to pay back your loan on your payday, or at intervals of three to six months. This makes our loans an attractive option for our customers because they offer the speed and simplicity of a payday loan with the added benefit of flexible repayments over a certain period that may suit some of our customers better.
Loan Amount: £100 – £1000
APR: 1102%
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16 Satsuma
Satsuma offers short-term loans that are designed to be repaid over 3-12 months, as opposed to payday loans that are paid in full on your next payday. You also only pay back the sum of the money you borrow, plus the interest. You never have to pay any hidden costs or fees, even if you miss a payment. This makes our short-term loans very different from those offered by Payday Loans UK companies.

With a short loan from Satsuma:

• You do not have to pay the loan in one go.

• You know exactly how much you borrow before submitting your application.

• The money is in your bank account on the same day that your application is accepted.

• Extra costs will never be charged.

• You can choose to pay weekly or monthly.

• You can repay your loan in installments over a maximum period of one year.

• You can borrow up to £ 1,000 (depending on affordability), even if you are a new customer.

• Our friendly Customer Care team is always available if you run into problems.

One of the biggest differences is that you have more time to repay your loan. You can choose to repay your loan over a period of three months to a year. You can also choose whether you want to repay in monthly or weekly installments. Which is the most suitable for you. We transfer the money to your account via Faster payments. If you are accepted between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m., the amounts will normally be credited to your account within your hour **. This can be very useful if you need the money for something urgent.

Loan Amount: £100 – £1000
APR: 535%
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17EMU is an online payday loan broker. They specialize in short-term loans for every purpose. They launched their site in December 2016, although they are in the credit sector for the best part of 10 years. Easy Payday Loans UK They are proud to put our customers first and make additional efforts to provide loans to people that other online lenders would normally choose to avoid. They specialize in lending bad credit to Payday Loans UK to lend a hand to those who would otherwise be rejected from other lenders.

That does not mean that they only accept people with bad credit, that would be crazy! They welcome all applicants and the amount of the loan that they can offer you depends on your credit report and history. Their application procedure is designed to be as simple as possible. They only ask the most basic questions about you and your work status and of course they ask your bank details to process the loan yourself. Once you have been approved for a loan, you will receive a notification on the screen asking you to accept. If you do this, the loan will be transferred within a few minutes to the bank account you specified! We are truly one of the best services in the UK and hope that you will be happy if you use our services.

Loan Amount: £50 – £1500
APR: 1304%
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They are a Fintech company that overlooks those who are being overlooked by traditional lenders. they offer their customers the tools to build a better financial future. Their digital approach to micro-loans opens up access to valuable alternative data sources that enable more accurate, inclusive and personalized scoring and lending than relying on traditional credit agency data. Customers can manage the entire lifecycle of their Oakam Payday Loans UK – applications, repayments and refinancing – from their mobile app, website or call centers, and offer an accessible, convenient alternative to the traditional door model.
Loan Amount: : £100 – £500
APR: 1421%
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Street UK is an ethical lender, their products are designed according to your needs to ensure that they offer a better alternative than door-to-door / online-money lenders, pledgees and expensive money merchants. They offer same-day approval with the potential to have the money in your bank account within 24 hours Their mission is to offer an affordable alternative for more expensive Payday Loans UK lenders on a sustainable basis.

As an ethical lender, they are transparent in our prices and responsible for their lending. Whether you are a branch customer who is struggling to obtain financing from expensive money stores or an online customer looking for the best APR representative, their goal is to offer the best personal loan that suits your needs and your wallet!

Loan Amount: £200 – £1000
APR: 120%
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20Loan Pig
Loan Pig
They are a direct lender and can give you access to one of the largest British lenders to find the best loan available for you. With the help of innovative technology, LoanPig offers you an efficient, simple and fast application process with which your customers can safely apply for a short-term Payday Loans UK. If LoanPig cannot find you a loan, they will try to match you with a lender that is best suited to the details in your application. With LoanPig you can be sure that we will help you find a short-term loan as quickly and effortlessly as possible. They believe in offering people a fair chance to borrow money when they need it and when they need it most.

Their customers are important to them; You are at the heart of everything they do and they want to work hard to help you.

• All credit history welcome

• High acceptance rates due to their large panel of lenders

• No phone calls

• 100% online

• Securely secured

• Detailed affordability checks completed

Loan Amount: £50 – £1500
APR: 1261%
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21Next Credit
Next Credit
Nextcredit is a direct lender that offers online instalments Payday Loans.
Loan Amount: £100 – £1000
APR: 1279.41%
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22Cash Lady
CashLady, one of the leading Payday Loans UK brokers, looks back and looks forward to the future of the expensive financial sector in Great Britain and the rest of the world. If you choose, this means that your loan application is being viewed by more direct lenders to improve your success rate. CashLady is a broker, not a lender. We are here to help you find the right loan when you need it most. Money Gap is a leading technology and marketing company that specializes in short-term financial solutions.

We are based in London and help clients find loans. Founded in 2008, we strive to maintain our business reputation with customers and partners by providing the quality service they deserve. We want to inform our customers about our product as clearly as possible. We want our partners to trust our services and know that we meet compliance requirements at all times, including FCAregulation, ICO and GDPR. Most importantly, we treat our customers fairly and provide the best results that match their needs.

Loan Amount: £100 – £1000
APR: 1272%
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23 Dot Dot Loans
Dot Dot Loans
Dot Dot Loans is a trade name of Shelby Finance Limited, a UK online loan company. They are owned by Morses Club PLC, one of the largest lending companies in the United Kingdom, with a history that goes back more than 130 years. Dot Dot Loans was launched in 2017, designed for customers who want a complete online service that is simple, clear and easy. Their goal is always to be helpful and honest to our customers. They want to help them out of trouble instead of causing more, so we always make sure that the Payday Loans UK you choose is suitable for you.

They believe in providing clear and useful information whenever they can, and offer you clear communication at every stage. They are also very important to us as a lender. They perform credit checks on all our customers, whether they have borrowed from us before or not, and they do not charge fees for late payments. They also enable their clients to repay a loan early if they wish. Their customers are important to us, and our goal is always to be helpful and honest.

Loan Amount: £200 – £1250
APR: 754.5%
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